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Celebrate The Life Of Your Loved One

At Texas Lonestar Monuments in San Angelo, TX, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect monument to commemorate your loved one’s life. Our selection includes single, companion, child, and veteran monuments in various designs. What better way to honor the importance of your loved one’s life than with a quality, one of a kind monument?

If you’re unsure about the type of monument to choose, we can help you select the material that best suits your needs, whether it’s granite, marble, or bronze. Our goal is to help you create a beautiful memorial that celebrates your loved one’s life with dignity and compassion. Explore our range of headstone types below, and for more details, please call us today at (806) 665-4884.

Single Upright Monuments

This style of monument utilizes a large front face (or tablet), and are a good choice for long, engraved inscriptions or flourishes. The large tablet size also makes it easier to locate in a cemetery.

Companion Upright Monuments

Companion monuments mark a dual cemetery plot and showcase a family’s name. The monument uniquely represents the family’s name. Each one is carefully crafted to create a meaningful tribute to honor the family.

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones rest very low, or flush to the ground. There are some cemeteries that require this type of monument to be used for both a uniform appearance as well as ease of mowing.

Bench Memorials

Often used as a memorial as well as a grave marker, bench monuments are often seen as a comforting place to sit peacefully and reflect on memories shared.

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Ledgers & Coping Walls

To add additional beauty and protection to your loved one’s grave site, we offer ledgers and coping walls. Ledgers are a unique monument style that refers to a flat memorial that often extends that entire length of the grave site and can be engraved with lettering and designs. Coping walls are barriers that outline ledgers for additional protection and definition.

Custom Work

Here at Texas Lonestar Monuments, we provide our clients with custom work to help you achieve a very specific look for your monument. With techniques that include laser engraving, we can help you accomplish personalized designs that will beautifully represent your lost loved one.

Bronzen Flats

Often used for public memorials and veteran monuments, bronze is a rich, striking material that adds warmth and comfort to any headstone. We provide bronzen flat memorials to serve as beautiful emblems for lost loved ones.

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At Texas Lonestar Monuments, we’re always here for you, ready to help honor your loved ones with care and respect.